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What is this? 🧐

This starter pack is for those new to the concept of public goods.

At Gitcoin, we’re on a mission to build an Internet that’s open source, collaborative and economy empowering by funding projects, building community and making learning resources accessible. Simply put, we’re bringing together people who, like us, believe in the value of public goods.

But before you can meaningfully engage in deeper conversations about the topic, it’s helpful to know a little more; from how public goods are defined, to the history of its funding, and the rich opportunities we see to create the digital public infrastructure of tomorrow.

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How do I navigate this? 🧭

This starter pack is split into 6 sections revolving the topic of Public Goods — Introduction, History of Public Goods, Digital Public Goods, Funding, Challenges & Opportunities, Go Deeper.

For each section we’ll let you know:

✔️ Content Type so you can read it with that context in mind 🧠

✔️ Level of Complexity

Every piece we’ve included has been hand picked by the Gitcoin community, so be assured we consider each worth inclusion.

However! ****As with all things this starter pack is a work in progress, if you see something missing jump into Discord and send us a message so we can add it into our growing public library.

Let’s get started ****👣