Joy to Everyone (18:02) have covid rn and absolutely lost my voice :-(

Adam to Everyone (18:04) it's very important that everyone remain completely silent right now

Me to Everyone (18:10) Ted could you pls get Julia from the gate? She’s here

Ted to Everyone (18:10) sure thing

Adam to Everyone (18:11) Joy, who's giving the course?

Joy to Everyone (18:11) hedley twidle

Adam to Everyone (18:33) I hope it's ok if I just throw notes out here in the chat as people are speaking? Please tell me if it's distracting or disrespectful anyway - I wonder if you can have history without killing

Joy to Everyone (18:34) a lot of what everyone is saying about change/no change reminds me of a book we just did in my course-- the parable of the sower by octavia butler. "God is change, and in the end, God does prevail."

Nimrod Astarhan (he/him) to Everyone (18:35) materialization Adam - surely related to violence (‘written by the winners’) Or struggle

Adam to Everyone (18:38) I'm not sure the Ashtheans came from earth - did they? What I understood was that they and terrans have a common ancestor from a different planet?

Joy to Everyone (18:40) that reminds me a lot of the jewish practice of shmita, almost a way to reconcile a hunter gatherer lifestyle with an "organized society" thats therefore an entanglement i think, beyond a system

How to Everyone (18:45) "extra-legal"

Nimrod Astarhan (he/him) to Everyone (18:50) But cybernetics is also about command and control

Alia Hamaoui to Everyone (18:51) really sorry got to dip out for practice- thank you so much, really interesting!!

Nimrod Astarhan (he/him) to Everyone (18:54) I also want to bring in Eduardo Kahn and ‘How Forests Think’ to support the forest-as-mind theorem, and emergence

Nimrod Astarhan (he/him) to Everyone (18:57) Are emergence and entanglement part of a ‘one or many’ dialectics? Individual vs. collective? Self affirmation vs. mutual dependency? Ye this is kind of where I’m going

Anitra Lourie to Everyone (19:00) Thank you all it has been so great to listen to you talk about this. I hope there will be another session and I can join again. I love that Yuli chose three different media to discuss this theme and would love to do this again and be able to explore a bit the differences as well between the various materialities and affordances etc 😜Have a great rest of the night!

Gemma (she/her) to Everyone (19:01) They’re entangled with the forest 🙂

Nimrod Astarhan (he/him) to Everyone (19:04) If forests think, maybe can they dream as well

Adam to Everyone (19:04) Yuli - do you think for them there#s any distinction between the dream world and the waking world? Selver might say that's a yumen misconception