Avocode, Inc. company's mission is to help teams create great digital products by providing them with tools and technology to make the design-to-code process universally accessible.

We started by creating Avocode - a hand-off tool to make the lives of designers and developers easier and save them hours on manual work.


As time went on, we added more features to our Avocode product, thanks to our unique technology that allows us to work with design data programmatically.

Soon, we realized that the best way to unlock design for everyone and fulfill our mission was to share our technology with everyone.

This is how Open Design was born - the first developer toolkit to read and display data from designs using code.


Currently, Open Design technology is used to power various products, including Avocode product, PSD to Sketch, Figma to Sketch, XD to Sketch converters, and Ceros.

We cannot wait to see what you build next!