Sherlock Holmes

This week in IXD304 we discussed what we would be doing throughout the semester. And we have been tasked with first creating a prototype and then a websiet or an ebook all about Sherlock Holmes and all the characters in it. The first task we have been given was to create a moodboard around Sherlock Holmes. As I am a big movie fan I have decided to cam at it from the movise made abour Holmes including my favourite starting Robert Downey Junior.

I first went onto and website called Letterboxd where you can look at loads of films and rate and review them. This allowed me to find many productional images of Sherlock Holmes from both TV and screen and some dating back to 1939. I wanted to use a broad range of different posters so I could see more colours and what type has been used so I could get a real feel of Sherlock Holmes.


When looking at the posters For Sherlock Homes Game of Shadows they use a serif font and too me they used serif fonts cause it is very with the time that the movies are set so the font fits the setting. I noticed for the newer TV series that they use a sans-serif font for the name as it is set in modern times so it gives it a modern feel and sort of brings Sherlock Holmes into the modern age. I also noticed that with the series it is just called Sherlock and they have dropped the Holmes I think they did this cause it makes it simpler and as there has been so many adaptations of Sherlock Holmes over the many years people and he is a well known character people will know who it is and what to expect from it. From looking at the older Sherlock Holmes movies from the 1930s the type on it looks very like a comic book and that maybe you wouldn't take these movies too seriously and that they are just a bit of harmless fun. Looking at the poster for the Mr Holmes the font is based off his handwritten signature.


One thing I found in common with most of the posters was the use of green and blue, from the old movies right the way to the newest ones there is a lot of dark green colours used green can mean greed or ambition, which to me makes sense cause in the Sherlock adaptations I have watched he always has the ambition to be better than his foe and greed cause his enemies have the greed for power. There are also dark colours in many of the posters which can mean mystery which is very fitting for a Sherlock Holmes movie. The dark colours used in the poster can also represent the darkness of victorian England which is when Sherlock Holmes is set.