Project Intro:

Bulgaria-saleΒ is a real-estate agency in Bulgaria. I developed 4 automated workflows to save time working with documentations and notify employees about some important events in the telegram.

List of workflows:

workflow #1 - automative creation of a folder in google drive

workflow #2 - automative generation of a sale agreement

workflow #3 - notifications about calls and messages from VIP clients

workflow #4 - notifications about failed leads

workflow #5 - upload data of each sale to a google sheet

list of scenarios I'n Integromat

list of scenarios I'n Integromat

Stack of technologies:

Integromat, amoCRM, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Telegram bot


1 - amoCRM modules in Integromat Get lead info and Get leads uses different API calls that result in different results for custom fields. Get lead info deliver that fields as a nested array that make some difficulties using it. As it is necessary to use get and map formulas.

Instead of this can be used Get Leads which is made to get info for a several leads, but also works fine with the only one lead. And the most important it deliver custom fields individually without any arryas, so it can be used without any additional actions.

2 - the google drive API was disconnecting every 2 weeks. It was a result

workflow #1 - automative creation of a folder in google drive

Goal - Save the time and attention on manual creating folders in google drive at a significant stage of a pipeline.

Before: manager used to spend about 2-3 minutes manually creating a folder, naming it, and pasting a link to a CRM.

After: the folder is being created automatically right after the lead is moved to a specific stage of a pipeline and a link to a folder is saved in a field in amoCRM.

integromat scenario

integromat scenario