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Could there be a more fun way to learn? Almost all board games incorporate learning opportunities. Just think (from the perspective of a 2 year old) how much knowledge of math is needed to simply roll the dice and move your token forward the required number of spaces. This alone requires an understanding of counting, subitizing, number lines, addition, 3D shapes, rules and logic, and more!

Note that the ratings for these games are my own personal ratings, so please take them with a grain of salt. I tend to prefer board games that rely less on chance and more on the decisions and actions you can make in the game. I have also included data on whether or not I have played the game or own them so that you have a better sense of where my recommendation is coming from. Please note the "link to buy" links are affiliate links; you support The Nerdy Parent if you buy through these links. Thanks!

Board Games

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Board Games

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