Why are we doing this?

Make people love real estate agents.

People rely on real estate agents to make important real estate decisions but are too often disappointed by the service they get. It creates frustration and makes real estate agents one of the least appreciated professions. At Propseller, we want to reconcile everybody by offering our clients the real estate agent service of the 21st century: highly valuable, completely transparent, and fairly priced. A service that makes them love real estate agents.


Where do we want to go?

Be the No1 destination for real estate agent services in South-East Asia.

We aim to be the No1 destination for residential real estate agent services. That means becoming the entry door to real estate transactions with our real estate agent service and then offering end-to-end solutions to accomplish successful real estate transactions, with technology and services we either provide or orchestrate.


What commitments do we make to advance towards our vision?

Help you achieve the most.

Our first mission is to offer the clients we serve the most reliable solution to successfully sell, buy or rent a property. That means achieving better outcomes faster and with much less pain than anywhere else.

Our second mission is to build a great company that attracts, develops, elevates, and retains exceptional people, and to be forever regarded as such because they are or were part of the company.


How are we advancing towards our vision?

The modern real estate agency that stands by you.