Explosive Velocity update was announced today, It will change Torpedos and Dreadnoughts.

Murray ESS discussion

Explosive Velocity - New Update | EVE Online

11 IHubs captured in Delve and Fake Querious, including the entirety of the constellation which contains the former Imperium capital staging of D-W and T5Z, a system directly adjacent to 1DQ.

DOTLAN EveMaps: Map: Delve

Prometheus Fortizar with M1R Outpost Rig destroyed by TEST Drekavac fleet and NC/PL/RECON Jackdaw fleet.

Second Promethus was dropped minutes ago / Related Kills | 48I1-X | 2020-11-18 23:00 / Related Kills | J-LPX7 | 2020-11-19 00:00

Imperium also managed to fight outnumbered and win their objective in K-6K16 by destroying the PAPI Ihub. Resetting the Strategic index, delaying a cyno-jammed

DOTLAN EveMaps: Delve - K-6K16 - Recent Events

The Bastion, The Initiative, and Imperium-friendly Russian alliances such as Red Alliance and Stain Russians fight Legacy in Esoteria

In Esoteria an AoM Abbadon fleet was destroyed by Ferrata Victrix, Red Alliance, AAA, Afterlife and others (Russian/Stain). AoM losses came to 14 Billion ISK, to Stain's 5 Billion. / Related Kills | 0-O6XF | 2020-11-18 16:00