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This week's Unlimited Partners are Matt Gialich and Joe Wilson, Co-Founder at AstroForge and MP at Undeterred Capital respectively. Matt had been working on a submarine project and decided to pivot to freaking astro mining! How cool is that? Joe and Undeterred stepped into become the first investors on the cap table. This is an amazing conversation. How did they get funding? How does Matt know this can work? Oh man we think this is one of our favorite convos we've had to date. If this company is successful it would easily be one of the wealthiest on the planet. Oh yeah, let's just fly some rockets to asteroids and mine the metals, then refine them, then fly them back to earth, easy right!? Well, do not miss this episode. Thanks again for listening

I am your host, Thomas McGannon.

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[0:03:14] Thomas McGannon: I ended up going on kind of a software and internet journey where um, really got into developer facing companies, things like Cloudflare, Twilio, Datadog like that from a performance and like credibility perspective is kind of where I built my career.

Um, and then I realized like I just, I don't like the public markets because they don't offer the opportunity to build relationships. I mean when you meet a guy like Joe and you just like, I like, I love Joe, he's like the friendliest, kindest, coolest, smartest guy and I'm like, if you put Joe's around a company, then I think that it changes the trajectory. Like I think that they can achieve things that people without Joe's kind of can't or won't or don't. And, and so, and I like to think that I can play that role just maybe just being, you know, encouraging and helping people ask questions and but mostly just being like a friendly face.