I decided to make three different mood boards one on different typewriter style fonts that I could get a feel for what font would work the best for my design. I also created a mood board on different dossiers and top secret files so that I could get different idea of how my dossier design could look when its done. The final mood board I created was on the different images that I would include.

Type mood board

This is the type mood board that I created when I decided that my new design should have a font that fits it more, so I have decided to look at different typewriter fonts as I feel they fit with the whole typing onto paper feel. I looked at different fonts like, Cutive, American typewriter, Italian typewriter and others. This was good and very beneficial to me as it allowed me to find the type that I want to use in my Sherlock Holmes immersive app.


Mood board on dossiers

I then created a mood board on different top secret files and dossiers. This allowed me to get a sense of what my files would look like within my UI and also the different colours that I could sue for the file, the background colour and even the colour of my content. The one on the top left really spoke to me as I thought it would be a good one to use when doing my heroes and villains section of the project as I could style each one round each character but keep the layout the same for consistency. This was a good step to do as it gave me loads of ideas for different looks for my prototype.


Images Mood boards

The final mood board I created was on the different images that I would include, as I am a fan of the more recent Sherlock Holmes movies I decided to use the characters from them for my design. I also have images for the poster of the different movies and then the different images for the Sherlock museum section of the prototype. I have made all the images I am gonna use in black and white as it fits with my whole aesthetic as Victorian images where all black and white and soem of them where high in contrast. This was beneficial as it allowed me to have all my images in one place so they where easy to find when I needed them.