At Agave, I spend some of my time talking to prospective engineers on the phone. Below are topics that often come up when we decide if there is a mutual fit. Hopefully, this document helps you as you prepare to connect with our team.

Agave at a glance

🏡 We are a remote-first team of 4. We're located in California, Vancouver, and Florida.

👋 Our Founder & CEO is technical, a UIUC + YC alum, with multiple previous startups and exits.

💸 We've raised over $1.5m in pre-seed funding from leading early-stage investors, including SV Angel, Shana Fisher (A16Z), Graph Ventures, and Box Group.

🙋 We have pilot customers who love our product and a growing waitlist of teams.

Meet the team

Jared Tame

Tony C

Tony H

Alexandra R

Tech stack

Communication stack

Why are engineers excited about Agave?

We lost a lot of great things when we transitioned from physical offices to remote work. You can read our detailed thesis here. Over 60% of startups report their biggest pain point is the inability to easily have informal conversations.