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How the whole thing started

Back in 2019 Federico came up with an idea, from a need he personally experienced travelling and moving back  and forward from his university campus in Milan.

He was and is still using a 2017 MacBook Pro, a great machine capable of many things but it alone wasn’t enough, in order to have a full and immersive work experience Federico had to carry with him a big bulky case with several accessories.


For his commuting route to the uni route having a bunch of adapter for external drivers and a power bank probably was enough to cover the whole day, but for leisure and educational trips those weren t enough, a hard disk for backup was needed a speaker for chilled-out nights with friends had also to be carried and an hotspot for international connection for all his devices.

For each of those accessories he had to worry about charging status, picking the right cable for each different charging standards, in addition a choose a bigger case to sort everything and thinking about all the respective measure and tricks to prevent damages while shaking is backpack around the world.


So in early 2020 e decided to create something much more convenient for a day to day use, designed for travellers and people working on the go.