Key Qualifications


(you don't need to have experience with everything on the list)

Responsibilities & Duties

(It's OK to work on a single area only)

Area 1: DeFi protocol analysis

  1. (Analytical) DeFi protocols researching - you have to understand how DeFi protocols work both on economical/mathematical and technical levels.
  2. (Analytical) Keep eye on DeFi market - you have to monitor upcoming protocol upgrades, be able to bring product ideas
  3. (Technical) Developing and maintaining analytical pipelines - extract events from Ethereum transactions and build analytics on top of it.

Area 2: Ethereum addresses labeling

  1. (Analytical) We're seeking for a creative person who is able to match blockchain addresses with real-world entities (e.g. exchange, exchange trader, financial whale, etc)
  2. (Technical) Develop and implement algorithms that assign particular labels to addresses in ETH network

What we offer