Why I Made This

Hi 👋🏼 I'm Paige Doherty. I'm currently a Developer Success Engineer at WorkOS. Previously I spent ten months at TVC Capital as an investment analyst & before that three years at Northrop Grumman in engineering.

When I was breaking into venture & startups - I had no idea where to even begin. So I have spent and continue to spend a ton of time reading, listening, and digging up information on the tech and VC ecosystem. This is the resource list I wish I had breaking in to this industry. I focused on actionable content & transparent looks at how our industry works.

If you’re reading this and are interested in suggesting a resource or sharing your story: please email me @ or dm me on twitter @paigefinnn. Links, stories, example investment memos, groups - you name it :)



I would highly suggest creating a Twitter, as it's a great way to learn in public, connect with people you admire, and stay updated on this corner of the world. It's the medium of choice for all things startup/vc. Here's a great video for 'crushing it on twitter':

How to Crush it on Twitter: David Perell and Matthew Kobach Workshop

The Holloway Guide to Using Twitter - Holloway

Why Twitter Is Dope And How To Use It


Glossary of Terms

Do you speak VC? 30+ jargons and acronyms you should know

Startup canon