To submit your project, we expect you to have the following details mentioned in your Hashnode article:

Make sure that you add #Appwrite and #AppwriteHackathon hashtags on your Hashnode article.

Additionally, the Appwrite ( and Hashnode ( domains should be present within the article.

📄 Sample Submission Template

Here is a sample of how your submission can be structured

# [Name of your Project]: [Appwrite](<>) [Hashnode](<>) Hackathon

## Team Details


Mention all team members, including yourself, in the following format

- Name of Team Member 1 - @teammember1
- Name of Team Member 2 - @teammember2


## Description of Project

<!--- Add the description of your project in this section -->

## Tech Stack


Add the tech stack of your project in the following format:

- Svelte
- Appwrite Cloud
    - Authentication
    - Database
    - Cloud Functions - Node.js 
- Vercel

Make sure to mention which Appwrite services you have used and how each service helped you build the project.


## Challenges We Faced

<!--- Mentions what challenges you faced in the development process and how you overcame those -->

## Public Code Repo

<!--- Add a link to a public code repo in this section -->

## Demo Link

<!--- Add a link to the demo recording of your project in this section -->