Troop Meetings

<aside> đź’ˇ Regular troop meetings are held every Monday from 7:00 to 8:30 in Sapp Hall, except the Monday after a campout, which is the Patrol Leaders Council.


Our normal agenda

Game- Assignment rotates by patrol- ASPL for programs coordinates with patrol- See Meeting Games for ideas

Opening and Announcements- Stand-up in troop lines (no chairs)- Scout oriented announcements only- Promote events, but save details for email- Announcements made by SPL or ASPLs

Patrol Business- Campout planning:  menu, duty roster, tent assignments, campfire skit or song, patrol activities- Choose rank advancement or merit badge requirements to work on- Find out who is attending up coming events- Plan game for a troop meeting- Plan church work day assignment- Thorns & Roses (provide input to next PLC & actions from previous PLC)- Outreach to patrol members not attending

Activity (may be whole Troop or break into Patrols)- Troop activities selected during PLC- Patrol activities selected by patrols during patrol meetings- Hands-on, no lectures- Scout led- Patrol competitions- Rank advancement and merit badge requirements- Skill building (knots, first aid, lashing, cooking)- Make stuff (camp gadgets, soda stoves, walking sticks)- Go to Meeting Activities and PLC Meetings for more ideas

Post Meeting- SPL reviews meeting and next week's plans with the Scoutmaster- Patrol Leaders review meeting and next week's plans with ASMs


Meeting Games

Meeting Activities

Summer Camp

PLC Meetings