— Written by axiliquint This article was last updated on 5/5/2021 (MM/DD/YY)

<aside> 💡 TLDR: Google uses Google Analytics for its own agenda, and that's why we're switching to a cookie-free tracker. You can learn more about what data we collect here.


Hi there all —

From the start, Koal's biggest importance is to keep your data protected. Privacy is a fundamental human right. That's why we're happy to announce that we'll be ditching Google Analytics for a cookie-free tracker.

Google is one of the biggest tech conglomerates on the planet, with mostly free products. So, it makes you wonder, how do they rake in BILLIONS of dollars in revenue with most of its user-base is on free plans. Easy answer: data collection and selling.

By using Google Analytics, your site is another vessel for Google to collect data about their users, by collecting your cookie data. The more sites they can have Google Analytics installed on, the more accurate data they can have on the users, and the more that data is worth. That's why you see scarily accurate advertising about something you were talking about a day ago.

Our main goal (besides for making badass products) is to protect our users. We don't feel like Google is protecting users by selling YOUR data to the highest bidder.

What does this mean? Virtually nothing on your end. You'll keep being able to use Koal without any interruptions. We thought we'd update our entire user-base to let them know we're making this move, in order to make sure we protect you all 🙂

Quick disclaimer — we will continue to use Google Cloud (GCP) to host our database and website. There has been no evidence sited that Google is using those products to track users.

Direct any questions to our Discord Server or to support@koal.us.