🌟 Who is Blott

Blott.io is a data driven, design thinking, development agency. In practice, that means helping ambitious leaders and organisations build the teams, products, processes and even operational structures they need to close the digital skills gap within their organisation today, so that they thrive tomorrow.

Clients rely on our experience, agility and skills across tech and business strategy, software development and product management to address some of the toughest challenges facing their businesses.

We bring aboard thinkers, tinkerers, passionate software craftspeople and inspiring technologists to help us solve these challenges. Together, we’re united by a sense of pragmatism, purpose and a deeply-held belief that digital products and technology alone won’t transform a business or save the world: it’s the people that count.

⛏ Our Work

Blott.io works on a variety of different products, from fin-tech solutions, to Eccomerce and even app development. We love to tackle new problems and work on exciting new technologies. Our core focus is working with VC backed start-ups looking to create that beautiful first working MVP, test in the market, and run continual optimization and improvements after.

You can view full case studies here.

πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Our Team

The Blott.io team is spread across the globe, with our head office based in London, UK and satellite offices in Both Sri Lanka and South Africa. in addition to this we have amazing team members in Russia, New Zealand, India, Netherlands and Nigeria too, and we are always keen to add new countries to that list! We're not worried where you are based in the world, as long as your lines of communication are good and deliverables are actioned timely, you could even be living on Mars with Elon!

Our focus is on finding the movers and shakers in each area of expertise. Are you someone who is focused on the cutting edge; do you feel like an early adaptor when everyone around you is still in the past; do you pride yourself on finding new solutions; are you ready to rumble?

We only want the best, the best for you and the best for us. We listen, we adapt and we adjust. There is always space for voices to be heard, and we thrive on collaboration.

Our promise to our team is to always be learning, growing and most importantly, having fun with what we do.

🏒 Our offices

We're currently based in a private office within WeWork at Aldwych House, which is very convenient to reach from most corners of London. Being part of WeWork means we get access to plenty of meeting rooms, flexible working spaces whenever you feel like a change, unlimited coffee and tea, and a dog-friendly environment.

In the times of Covid, we've had to adapt too and become agile in where and how we work. As things have calmed down, we're back in the office and enjoying collaborating face-to-face again. We are flexible, and still do allow for remote work.