What is ClusterTruck?

ClusterTruck is a one-of-a-kind delivery kitchen that uses smart technology to combine the convenience of delivery with the food quality you’d expect at a restaurant. Unlike other food delivery services out there, we make all of our own food in one central kitchen and deliver it to customers at their curb.

What makes this job so awesome?

ClusterTruck isn’t a typical driving gig. One of our core values is to make ClusterTruck the best on-demand opportunity in America. We’ve worked to build a model that makes the delivery space equitable for you, the courier.

Some unique CT job perks include:

<aside> 📈 Transparent earnings. You will be paid $2/delivery + 100% of tips. **If the tip is less than $2.50, ClusterTruck will add in an additional corresponding amount to ensure that you earn at least $4.50/delivery. Although it is not a guarantee, for most drivers, this shakes out to average around $6 per order (also on average, you can accomplish 3 or 4 deliveries per hour). Our customers don’t get charged delivery or service fees so we’re not skimming from the top - 100% of the customer's tip goes directly to you. Also, we sometimes offer bonuses to drivers who help us out during critical times or holidays.


<aside> 🙋‍♀️ Curbside pickup and delivery. Orders are packed at one central kitchen and brought to your vehicle, helping you make more runs per hour. Just park in the courier queue and wait for the order to be brought out to you without leaving your car. On delivery, ClusterTruck customers are told to meet drivers at the curb. This means no leaving your vehicle, no elevators, no door codes—the customer comes to you. Allowing you more time to take more jobs.`


<aside> ⭕ Small delivery zones. No driving across the city. Each of our kitchens have tight delivery zones so you can make sure travel times stay low.


<aside> 🍔 Driver discounts. Enjoy 50% off of ClusterTruck food while you're working!


<aside> 💸 Get paid daily. We will pay you on a daily basis via direct deposit.


<aside> 🗓️ Open work schedule. We do not schedule hours, and there are no minimum hours required. Work whenever you want for as long as you want.


<aside> 🎉 A more inclusive job. This job is highly accessible to those with disabilities, communication barriers, and alternative lifestyles. We do not require you to leave your car. Communication with a customer is minimal to none. You can have your kids in the car while you deliver.


Here are our courier requirements:

Untitled_Artwork 16.png


Untitled_Artwork 15.png


<aside> 🏍️ Motorcycles: Motorcycles are strictly prohibited


<aside> 😥 Worried about the background check? Here are a few main things that will prevent eligibility:

  1. Excessive speed violations (+25 mph over speed limit or speeding 100+ mph) in the past 7 years.

  2. Having more than 3 minor violations in the past 3 years (including accidents, traffic light violations, speeding, or other moving violations).

  3. Having been convicted of a violation of any Federal or State Alcoholic Beverage Laws, rules, regulations within the past 7 years and/or any chemical test failure or possession of a controlled substance within the past 7 years.

Also, if you are 18 to 21 years of age, you must have zero (0) motor vehicle violations (including accidents, traffic light violations, speeding, or other moving violations).


Want in? Just complete these steps:

  1. Complete your application
  2. Complete your background check