Everyone gets 28 days of holiday, in addition to bank holidays. More here.

Wedding / civil partnership leave

Exciting times! You get additional 3 days of holiday for your wedding / civil partnership. Please let your People Ops Partner know and they will add the holiday to your Humaans allowance.

Free breakfast, fruit and snacks

You can even put in requests for your favourite cereal! Message Rocio for any dietary requirements.

Parental leave

This is a big topic which deserves its own page. See here.


Our chef Leo provides lunch and amazing snacks daily!

Once a cycle team dinners

The first Thursday of every month we provide a team dinner, whether it's a nearby restaurant or making our own dinner in the office.

Summer conference

Each summer we go to the countryside for a week to work on our strategy, nurture our culture and cook great meals together.

No health insurance

We don't provide private health insurance because we're proud of the NHS, and we're making it better every single day.

Time at the healthcare frontline

Everyone spends at least two days each quarter in a GP practice, seeing how our products are used and what other challenges the healthcare workforce is facing.

On your bike!

We've got secure bike racks and provide regular bike maintenance clinics. Once you've passed your probation, we also offer a tax-efficient cycle-to-work scheme which no longer has a £1,000 limit.

Share options

Every single employee gets share options, so they've got a stake in what we're building and we can share our success.