I’ve been using Fathom Analytics for over a year to get simple data and insights from my websites.

Mainly I like Fathom because it's so much simple and easier to understand, as well as being an ethical choice (they have a privacy-first approach).

How does it compare to Google Analytics?

The biggest problem with GA is that it tracks, stores and monetises personal information about your website visitors. That’s because Google’s business model involves free tools to mine information that feeds their core business – advertising. Fathom on the other hand, doesn’t store or use any personal data.

GA is also hard to use. Getting the information you need or finding anything is nearly impossible unles you’re an expert. Fathom have created a clean and simple interface, designed to let you find insights really easily.

The bad things you don’t get with Fathom:

You also these these added benefits:

Used by these companies, who’ve chosent to protect your privacy:


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