The Numerro Toolkit is designed to make it faster and easier to build reports within Power BI, whilst ensuring reports adhere to design best practice standards. The aim is to save Power BI users hours in production time, whilst automatically reaping the benefits of implementing design best practice, without ever having to worry about design.

The Toolkit comprises of three core features when building reports:

  1. Canvas Grid

    The Canvas Grid is used as a starting point for any report, and ensures the correct alignment and structure when using components.

  2. Components

    Components consist of pre-formatted elements, such as headers and visuals, and are used to build reports using a simple drag and drop approach when applied to the Canvas Grid.

  3. Themes

    Themes are applied to change the look and feel of a reports color palette and can be applied at any stage of the build process, as all features are built with themes in mind.

The process of building reports using the Numerro Toolkit:

  1. Load up your canvas grid as your starting point by selecting one of the Grid layouts.

  2. Drag and drop your components of choice onto your canvas grid and populate them with your own data and text, resizing where necessary. Don’t forget to remove the grid elements as you go to improve performance!

  3. With a populated canvas grid and components consisting of your own data, you can now apply a theme to achieve the look you're after, or a more on-brand feel.

  4. Apply the finishing touches by adding your own icons, updating the elements within the navigation bar, and adding a slicer panel with pop out functionality.

It's as simple as that. There's no back and forth trying to determine which colors to use. No worrying about the alignment of visuals, or the layout of the report. The process is faster and easier, whilst ensuring you can consistently build well-designed reports.

In the following documentation we'll walk through step by step how to use the Toolkit in the process of building a report.