UX App Building

<aside> 💡 The WebViewSync tool is also available at this IBM Support link.


What is the WebViewSync tool?

<aside> 💡 The WebViewSync tool was designed for Polymer 1 UX apps. For Polymer 3 UX apps, use the NPM-based tools.


<aside> 💡 WebViewSync 3.6.0 will work with the 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 UX Framework. There is no 3.6.1 version of WebViewSync.


The WebViewSync tool is used to populate the HTML files in your view metadata, and to automatically sync your HTML changes with the HTML files in your TRIRIGA environment.

When using WebViewSync, your URL should include a valid FQDN (fully qualified domain name) or valid IP address. This tool is not yet supported in the IBM TRIRIGA Compatibility Matrix. The tool can also be downloaded from your UX developer page at http://[hostname:port][/context_path]/p/web. Enable the page by setting the WEB_DEV_CONFIG_ENABLED=TRUE in