The first section on the sidebar is the **Inbox**. That’s your workspace notification center, where you can see activity on both your claaps and claaps shared with you.

Notification counter

From the lateral bar you see the number of claaps with new / unread notifications. This counter sums all your new activity updates across all the topics and claaps in the workspace.

Group 19 (1).png

Unread notification count



The inbox lists all your notifications, with the following details:

  1. Which claaps have unread notifications, marked with a sign on the left.
  2. What was the latest notification about and the total amount of unread notifications in the middle.
  3. When was the last notification received on the right.

Group 26 (1).png

Inbox notifications at a glance

Notification details

Each notification is displayed with the following information:

Notification types

Claaps sends notifications in the following cases: