Fit-Plans : Website redesign

<aside> 💡 Fit-Plans is a company specializing in the preparation and delivery of daily plans and calorie-accurate meals for sports enthusiasts. Based in Montreal for the past 4 years, the team consists of the CEO who is also the CTO, an operations manager, and a chef coordinating a team of 10 cooks.



This case study describes the redesign of the website carried out during my 6-month internship in Montreal. I will describe how I worked on the order process, which is only one of the components of the website redesign (calorie calculator and payment). Moreover, this internship was a real challenge, since I was the only designer in the company. As a result, I had to convince my superiors of the merits of adopting a user-centered approach.

Problem statement

How to redesign the website to make it easier to use ? - Reflecting on the different parts of the website and mix them in a homogeneous way


Before proceeding with the redesign, it was first necessary to draw up a plan to be followed.

I chose a simple plan in 4 distinct steps inspired by the Design Thinking process :

1. Discovery

Gathering and analysis of the website issues

2. Definition

Definition of the solutions and features to implement

3. Design

Wireframing, design, and prototyping of various solutions

4 .User testing

Implementation of a user test program with the customers

Uncovering the Problems : why the redesign makes sense

Most users prefer to call the company directly to order instead of using the site, which is a waste of time for the staff. The main topics of the calls are :