How do you guys organize your life? Is everything in a bullet journal? Are you using a planner and different apps? How do you organize your notebooks? Etc. I’m feeling overwhelmed trying to organize my events, work tasks, goals, lists, projects etc.

🌹 Shanice Huziak

Shelly 💜

A combo of a bullet journal, Google Calendar, Things (which I started using a couple of months ago), and Notion, with a splash of Google Keep. And in my bujo I have a spread called "What Goes Where" (inspired by one Raych shared from her bujo a while ago) that designates what goes in what space.

all my braindumps on stuff i have to do this week, today, this month etc is in my bujo

then we move to notion and separate them by days. if it's due this week i write it under the day, if its next week it goes under a special list ive created.

on sundays i go on google cal and time block my days. it helps me know if everything ive planned can really fit in my days or im overscheduling. +im making the most of my time ++ i schedule family time, friends time, ME TIME



i have a bullet journal for all my daily tasks and to-dos as well as monthly calendars and reminders of friend dates and appointments etc, and my office uses asana so i keep a board there as my big work task list and am able to plan ahead a bit more there. those are the only 2 i use


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