Importing and exporting are great ways to share your flashcards with other people or keep an offline copy of your cards.

Muna imports and exports cards in CSV format. Both these options are available on the top-right corner menu in the Deck page.

Importing flashcards

<aside> ⚠️ Make sure your spreadsheet app uses comma as a separator


Exporting flashcards

Importing and exporting cards with Markdown

The beauty of using markdown to format your cards is that all the formatting will be imported and exported as simple, readable text like:

Muna lets create, import and export cards with rich format like **bold**, and *italic*, and to use [Muna app](<>)

So you don't need to do anything to import or export cards with Markdown, unless...

… You have images 🏞 in your cards

When you import or export cards with images — you know, the ones you uploaded from Photos, Camera or Files — Muna does not import the actual files (not yet anyway, wait for it!). But as long as you copy the images manually into the "assets” folder in the Muna folder, you should be fine.

So let's say you are creating a deck of cards in Google Docs and you want to make sure that an image from your computer will show up in the card when you import the deck into Muna.