<aside> 🌟 Before rushing into creating 2023 goals, let’s pause and reflect on the last year. You had 12 months, 365 days, or 8760 this year, just like everyone else. What made this year special? Let’s remember the best moments with a smile, internalize the learnings, and get excited about the future.


<aside> 🧘‍♀️ This exercise requires the right atmosphere and mindset to get the most out of it. Find a few hours in your calendar and go to a cozy, safe place where you won’t be interrupted.



⛵️ Experiences

What were your favorite moments this year?

How did those experiences impact you?

What lessons did I learn from these experiences?

How can you get more of those moments next year?

🫂 People

Who are you grateful for this year, and why?

What did these people teach you? What did you teach them?

List new people that you’ve added to your life.

Whom did you lose touch with?

🪞 Yourself