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Department of Industrial Design


N25 Room 305

hwajung at kaist dot ac dot kr

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ID508 (UCD Methods)

ID221 (Information Design)


I study, design, and build systems for better human-data interaction in diverse settings such as healthcare, journalism, and culture. I am broadly interested in the social implications of data and artificial intelligence. Before joining KAIST in 2021, I worked as an assistant professor at Seoul National University (2018-2021) and UNIST (2015-2018). I received my Ph.D. in Human-Centered Computing from Georgia Tech in 2015 and B.S. in Industrial Design from KAIST in 2009.

I manage DxD (data, interaction, design) lab where we explore design from, with and by data to develop technologies that are more sensitive to human concerns and behaviors. We work to provide novel conceptual and computational tools and methodologies for designing human-centered AI experiences, especially for individuals with special needs.

Human-Centered AI, Data-Driven Design, Healthcare, Digital Therapeutics, Autism, Mental Health, Co-design, Diversity

Select Recent Publications

The Workplace Playbook VR: Exploring the Design Space of Virtual Reality to Foster Understanding and Support of Autistic People in the Workplace

Jennifer G Kim, Taewan Kim, Sung-In Kim, So-youn Jang, Eun Bin (Stephanie) Lee, Heejeong Yoo, Kyungsik Han, Hwajung Hong

Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. CSCW 2022 (forthcoming)

GeniAuti: Toward Data-Driven Interventions to Challenging Behaviors of Autistic Children through Caregivers’ Tracking

Eunkyung Jo, Seora Park, Hyeonseok Bang, Youngeun Hong, Yeni Kim, Jungwon Choi, Bung Nyun Kim, Daniel A. Epstein, Hwajung Hong

Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. CSCW 2022 (forthcoming)

Understanding University Students’ Experiences, Perceptions, and Attitudes Toward Peers Displaying Mental Health-Related Problems on Social Networking Sites: Online Survey and Interview Study

Taewan Kim, Hwajung Hong

JMIR Mental Health 8(10), 2021

Sticky Goals: Understanding Goal Commitments for Behavioral Changes in the Wild

Hyunsoo Lee, Auk Kim, Hwajung Hong, Uichin Lee