<aside> 🪴 Each year, I spend a significant amount of time reviewing and thinking ahead on what lies ahead, and how I will navigate it. Though much of this exercise is personal, I have found that sharing it inspires dialogue, accountability and puts me in a position to align with like-minded folks who are trying to better themselves.

I am still working on my 2022 strategy and how it will fit into my 10 year plan. If you are pursuing a similar endeavour, I’d love to speak with you about your experience.


One second a day

YouTube chose the thumbnail, sorry Francesca 😜

YouTube chose the thumbnail, sorry Francesca 😜

Life is fleeting, and the mundane, small matters of our existence should be honored just as much as the highlights. I truly love this exercise, and appreciate being able to see glimpses of a past once experienced.

This year was overcast once again by a pandemic, but my lovely life partner Viv, our friends, neighbors, insects, animals, flowers, waves, wheels, and of course @lilernesto made it another glorious trip around the sun.

Memories and milestones