Dear Lawtrades Investors,

The past quarter has been exciting.  We broke over $400k in revenue in March, paid out nearly $8M to lawyers since 2017, and are leading the way for a new category of flexible work within the legal industry.



We are here for the long haul.

Lawtrades is doing better than we've ever done before.

It's growing faster than we've ever grown.

We've onboarded more lawyers than we've ever onboarded.

We're sending more money to lawyers than we've ever sent before—in the history of the company.

As we kick off 2021, I am happy to report that I am as enthusiastic as ever about this business.  There is more innovation ahead of us than behind us, we're close to demonstrating the operating leverage of our business model, and we continue to create differentiation that customers care about. Here's how we did last quarter: