<aside> 🔔 In the event that a book is out of stock, please contact the appropriate department chairperson directly.
The links are provided for your convenience. Books can be purchased anywhere, including local retailers, as long as the ISBN numbers match.


<aside> 🔔 A number of textbooks are provided to each student free of charge through the Textbook Loan Program. These textbooks will be loaded on to each student's iPad at the start of the year.


Department Chairs

English | Ms. Hogan | hogan@canisiushigh.org Foreign Language | Ms. Lorgnier | lorgnier@canisiushigh.org Mathematics | Mr. Pecori | pecori@canisiushigh.org Religious Studies | Ms. Riley | riley@canisiushigh.org Computer Science | Mr. Amodeo | amodeo@canisiushigh.org Science | Mr. Wanzer | wanzer@canisiushigh.org History | Mr. Rizzo | rizzo@canisiushigh.org

Books & Supplies