<aside> 🗨️ Inspired by how mining works in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Genesis is sculpted as though an ether is mined out of a block.


Physical sculptures tokenized on ethereum

Physical sculptures tokenized on ethereum

Genesis is the first physical block tokenized on Etherblox (ETHBLX), sculpted in December 2020 by Xavier Tjong-A-Hung.


This soapstone mythical green accent comes to life when light falls onto its surface. The block's unpolished texture feels as if it has been found in the depths of a mysterious ocean floor from the Etherverse.


The black box gives praise to the first few seconds of a piano composition by Claude Debussy. Most of the notes consist of sharp and flat keys, which can be heard in the Genesis block's non-fungible token.



Etherblox are physical sculptures tokenized on the ethereum network. Each sculpture has its own digital counterpart that is minted under the erc-721 ticker ETHBLX.


A special thanks to Xavier Tjong-A-Hung for sculpting 🗿 the Genesis block and tucking 📦 it cozy inside the box. To Jivinci for designing ✍️ the etherblox logo and guidance 💡 on the non-fungible token implementation. To Maurice Lie for finding 📜 a box. To Sniffle for creating 🏷 a label on the box. To Waisie Li for designing and developing 🖥 the website. And to me for creating the visual content 📷 , story writing 📝, song snippet 🎹 and directing 🎞 the Genesis project.

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