You would receive an email from WISP after you purchased a instance. Follow the instructions in the email to set up your account and gain administrative access to your panel.

WISP terminology

Some terms might be new or confusing for you. For that reason, we have a WISP Terminology reference to ease the transition into using WISP. It's worth scanning over the table first, so we're all on the same page.

Purchase a License

You must have a license to install WISP Daemon. View the WISP License Management guide to purchase and manage your license(s).

Install WISP Daemon

WISP Daemon is the control plane for all servers' management. View the WISP Game Panel Installation Guide guide to install it.

Create Allocations

Allocations determine the IP and Port combination that the server will be assigned and are required to deploy servers. View the Adding Allocations guide to learn how to create them.

Node Locations

Locations categorize all your available Nodes and are used for server deployments over the API, such as WHMCS or Blesta. You would have a placeholder example location created for your new Nodes, change or move it for easier management by going to Service Management → Locations on the Admin Panel.

Create a new Game Server

WISP will create all new servers inside Docker containers isolated from each other, with Docker images used to provide the required packages to run the server. For example, you can change the image to use a different Java or Node.js version. WISP multi-java image can be used for Minecraft servers that might require different Java versions. There is an extensive list of supported images on Pterodactyl and Parkervcp Yolks.

Navigate to the Admin Panel by clicking on the settings cog at the bottom left corner. After that, click on Management → Servers and click on the Create New button.

You can click on the image to enlarge it

You can click on the image to enlarge it

Fill in all the required information for the server; you can always modify these settings in the future. However, setting these values to unlimited is generally not recommended to prevent potential overloading and lag on your Node.

Server File location

By default, all installed server files would be located at /home/wisp/daemon-data in folders named according to a server's UUID.