... and is it a better alternative compared to Sketch?

<aside> 📢 Disclaimer: ****The technical analysis was done from Sept 28 to Oct 1, 2020. Any updates from Figma or Sketch after this period were not considered.


🗒️ About this Document

This document aims to present a detailed review of Figma, by providing an analysis of its features and how it impacts the current design workflows at Pixelmatters, testing performance in different scenarios, understand how straightforward it is to import Sketch files to Figma, and, lastly, evaluate the pricing tiers and what they include. All of this will, ultimately, be compared to what Sketch offers.

The end goal is to make a conscious and well-thought decision about replacing Sketch with Figma, having into account Pixelmatters needs.

💻 Platform

While Sketch is a Mac app only, Figma is a web-based platform that allows users from Windows or other operating systems to use it. Mac and Windows users can download the Figma app but it's not mandatory since you can use Figma directly in the browser.

🖥 Workspace

The base structure is very similar to Sketch: intuitive and very easy to learn. Although, when it comes to managing between different teams/projects, Figma offers a more intuitive interface and streamlined experience. Everything is well-organized (more about organization below) on the left panel of the Homepage, and users can easily navigate between teams and projects in a tree-list manner.