BugCrowd 2020 Recap

We asked Bugcrowd's Founder and CTO, Casey Ellis, gives us a sneak peek into the future of cybersecurity in this infographic blog.

Casey's four predictions are:

  1. Ethical hackers will play a key role securing and building confidence in future elections
  2. Governments around the world will continue to adopt vulnerability disclosure as "a normal part of being on the internet"
  3. State-sponsored attackers will increase the use of false flag attacks in cyberwarfare efforts
  4. The life or death nature of ransomware in healthcare will force innovation in dealing with the ransomware epidemic

BlackHills Information Security 2020 Checklist

  1. Use SPF/DKIM for your email. A good walkthrough on how to do this.Use keepass as a password manager and pentest your passsword policy.
  2. Dont get hacked by Supply chains.
  3. sysmon for windows event logs and osquery for linux event logs.
  4. Hacked by Fileshares — Make sure you look for "password" key phrases in your file system
  5. Hacked by Wireless — MITM. Proper network segmentation, Wireless IDS/IPS to know when evil twin is in there. Ubiquity w/ Secuirty Onion.