Come up with an illustration around the theme "empty/full" OR "darkness/light." Stray as far as you like from the prompt—it’s only given as a starting point.

Pick two of the six formats listed below and make three variations on the same idea. Do not make three different concepts—you can rearrange elements and adjust style, but it has to be the exact same concept, reinterpreted three times using only composition as your tool. You can make slight variations in execution—for instance, a large composition can have a detailed background, while a round one can get rid of the background. One of the compositions can be zoomed in and showing more detail, while the other can be more minimalist. The idea is to have one concept reframed in different ways, relying almost exclusively on composition for its impact.

The pieces should be executed in black & white with no grays, half-tones or washes, focusing on composition and design.

Pick two formats out of these: