<aside> 💡 A plan for your business is a necessary element to launching. As business plans change, creating a simple and editable business plan such as the Business Canvas will help you consider and strategize for all the major parts of your business.


Table Of Contents:


1. Business Validation

2. Business Plan

3. Team

4. Marketing

5. Money

6. Business Entities in Michigan

7. Insurance And Contracts

Business Plan Overview:



Framing The Business Canvas

Plans are good, but many times we begin a list of to-do’s without any real intent to follow through. That’s why in creating your business plan, you know exactly what purposes and results you want to achieve.

Most small businesses need a plan to ensure that they’ve thought everything through; some more developed companies need business plans for other reasons. Whatever that reason is, we’re here to help

Video Outline:

00:30 - Why you need an Legal Entity

01:40 - What is a Legal Entity

02:10 - You Options

02:50 - How to Choose

03:40 - Your Next Steps

1. Why am I writing this Business Plan?

Asking ‘why’ is normally a very good place to start when founding businesses, and this is no exception. Why is it you are writing a plan of some type?

“If you’re not serious enough to put pen to paper, you’re not serious about your potential business.” — Joe Morison

Creating a written plan overview your business can help you with the following:

By not writing out your plan, you are inviting confusion, miscommunication, and other unnecessary difficulties into an already difficult process.

2. Is Business Validation More than just a catchphrase?

“The business canvas is about getting the initial ideas out of your head and down onto a piece of paper, answering a few simple questions to help set you up for a more successful business.” ~ Bill Hamway