<aside> πŸ’‘ This is a curated library of resources aimed at helping you get the most out of the Compass IoT platform and the different tools we offer.


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How-to product guides




Pavepoint - BETA

Technical Guides

Understanding Near-misses

Understanding Compass Graphs

Understanding Speed Data

Understanding Our Technology

Case Studies

Curve Advisory Study

Driver Behaviour Analysis for Pinch Points

Effects of Varying Message Signs

Identifying Spill Back

Monitoring Changes in Road Rideability

Freight Origin-Destination

Train Level Crossings

LATM - Planning Temporary Traffic Control

LATM - Impacts of Adding Raised Thresholds

LATM - Local and Surrounding Impacts of a One-Way Street

Innovation Pipeline

<aside> 🌟 Future Products: Cool stuff we are working on in the background.


Speed Dashboard - BETA