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✨ Our Values

Our core values are the pillars by which we operate, lead, and learn. It's the energy that permeates all we do within the company and the truth that we strive to stand by.

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Why ComplYant is a great place to work 🫶


They "put their money where their mouth is" as far as culture goes. It's very open, honest, supportive, and trusting. - Work/life balance is great because you're really truly allowed to have it. - When you need support or have a question, you feel very comfortable asking. - Teammates are pretty much all stellar… HR is actually there to support the people over the company as a whole, it's pretty wild - There's no false sense of urgency - if something needs to get done by a deadline, you understand why and how to get there, and what the impact is getting it done by then.

ComplYant is taking a humane approach to remote work and leadership truly stands behind you. They full-heartedly believe that your time is yours and they trust you to do your job. One of the best things that has happened to me professionally is being a part of this organization.