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What is Coordinape?

Coordinape is a resource allocation tool spun out of Yearn Finance. It relies on peer-to-peer token voting to allocate resources.

Coordinape is a platform for DAOs to easily and fairly distribute resources to contributors. Community grants, internal salaries, and special projects can all be incentivized and rewarded by the community itself. Instead of cumbersome voting or black box committees, contributors themselves can quickly and transparently reward the value they see being created. - Read more here.

How does Coordinape Work?

Coordinape lets members allocate a set number of tokens to their peers. Coordinape relies on Circles, Epochs, and GIVE tokens.

At the end of an epoch, each member of a circle will have an allocation of GIVE tokens as their peers have allocated. These GIVE tokens are then converted pro-rata to the token that will eventually be distributed. For example:


How does BanklessDAO use Coordinape?

Many guilds and projects often use Coordinape, but the DAO also holds a DAO-wide Coordinape round every month. If you are part of a project or guild, please ask them if they run coordinape rounds. We will discuss the DAO-wide Coordinape rounds below.

DAO-Wide Coordinape Rounds

Every month, BanklessDAO runs three Coordinape circles. One for Level 1 members, one for Level 2 members, and one for Guest Passes.