We have various output types depending on what you're trying to achieve

Our AI has been trained on a mesh of data nodes to always generate unique, personalised and specific output that looks very personalised. If for whatever reason our system did push out generic output, its simply because the target website did not have anything unique to mention.

This happens whenever you target more generic companies like agencies, restaurants, salons etc. For this reason when you're targeting an offline business (digital or not) we recommend you use any of the other options

If the decision maker does not have LinkedIn (common for offline firms) then Google Review personaliser has yielded our customers the best ROI for such firms, infact we built the Google Review engine for this reason

LinkedIn Outreach

If the prospect does not have any information on their Linkedin profile we can't do much, and you won't be charged if we scrape an completely empty LinkedIn profile

SEO Personalised Backlink Generator

Our engine uses key data points from the blog, to create and find deep context that can then be used to generate a complimentary, constructive outreach message that looks like you've got genuine interest in the blog and you want to build a personal relationship with the author.

You will stand out like a purple cow from everyone else shooting the same generic template. If the backlink message generated was too obscure or not personal, it may be due to our engine not being able to scrape the blog.