The vision

<aside> ⭐ Empowering people to break free from loneliness


The location

<aside> 🌴 Our team works from Lisbon & Paris


The product

<aside> 📱 We create dinners with strangers, allowing people to make human connections and forge new relationships.



In a society that pushes us to close ourselves, to be afraid of others, and in the face of growing loneliness in big cities, we want to offer a solution to all those who feel the need for human connection. We want to show that it's easy to say hello to strangers, that it's easy to meet new people and open up to others. One dinner at a time.

To do this, we've created a platform that's accessible to everyone**, without the need to download anything or fill in a superfi**cial profile. A simple personality test and you have a table waiting for you every Wednesday evening in a new restaurant, to share a moment with 5 other strangers, there to connect with you.

Timeleft is a startup backed by leading consumer and technology VCs (Paris / New York / Lisbon). All our positions can be entirely remote, with the possibility of working with the founders in beautiful Lisbon. We have defined the Lisbon time zone as the central time zone for our communication.

Our Story

<aside> 💪 **The real distance between you and the people you don’t know is a warm “Hello.” Yet it feels daunting to take that first step, especially in-person.

This is what Timeleft is all about. We create opportunities for the magic of chance encounters. The conversations you would have missed, the people you wouldn’t have met. Safe moments to interact with people around you so that you can be more involved with the world you live in. Free-fall into social possibilities without digital screens. Open up to the people around you without expectations.

Start a conversation, spark a connection. Go out for a dinner with strangers. Take a chance, have a seat. And just say**


<aside> 💛 >> Trust - You will start with a 100% trust tank.

Honesty - Honest feedback at all times, without hurting feelings. Learning - If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. Risk Taking - You can't get anywhere in life without taking risks Vulnerability - You can’t get to courage without rumbling with vulnerability, embrace the suck. Freedom - The greater your freedom, the greater your responsibility Candor - Only say about someone what you will say to their face


Timeleft - Hello Stranger





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We are fortunate to be surrounded by the best VCs in our industry and 15 business angels around the world, giving Timeleft an international breadth and the resources to match its ambitions. We raised $2M in October 2021 in pre-seed.

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Kima Ventures - The most active Business Angel in the world

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