Fraudio Integration Documents

<aside> 🚫 The following Integration Docs are being Deprecated and are only relevant for customers who began integration before 1 March 2022. Please use the link above to access the current integration docs.



Fraudio provides fraud scores for your payment transactions through a simple API call to a service 100% hosted by us. These fraud scores allow you to detect fraud in your payment transactions.

Our mission for this service is ease and reliability. We make it easy to integrate with our API, and provide a reliable service. As such we have made this manual as complete and easy to follow as possible.

Steps in your integration are dependent on whether you intend to send transactions to the Fraud Score API pre-authorization or post-authorization.

<aside> 📌 If you are unsure if you are sending Pre or Post transactions - or want to discuss what data you need to send to fit your business needs - get in touch with our support team.


Post-Authorization Transaction Fraud Scoring

There are 4 key steps to a full post-authorization integration with Fraudio:

Step 1 - Sample Data Transfer (Optional)

To help you get started you can (optionally) send us a sample of your transactions data - we can use this to help you with your integration. Our Fraudio data schema lists all the data we utilize as part of payment fraud detection - these sample data transfer instructions guide you through the process of selecting and sending the data we need in your sample data.

Step 2 - Historical Data Transfer - Send your historical transactions including chargebacks. Getting this data will make our system even better suited to serve your cause. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will see the full benefits of our product.

Step 3 - Connect to Our Fraud Score API Endpoint - Connecting to our Fraud Score API enables you to get fraud scores for your payment transactions in real time, seeing benefits from day one.