The Optimism community is going to be in Bogotá from October 7 to October 14th!

📌 Where will we be?

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Make sure to catch us at any of the following events & workshops:

  1. ETHBogotá | October 7-9
  2. OP Café (Coworking & Networking Event) | October 10
  3. Rollup Day | October 10 from 1-6PM
  4. ETHLatham | October 10
  5. Devcon | October 11-14th

🗨️ Join the #bogota Discord channel!

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👀 Who is going to be there?

Someone from every part of the team is going to be there :)

Feel free to reach out to any of us on Twitter or Discord!

💻 Come hack with us at ETHBogota! [applications closed]