What are organisations?

Your organisation is your home in Stepsize and where all debt lives. You'll be prompted to create or join an organisation when you create your account.

We recommend that companies create a single organisation as that's the conceptual model we use when designing the product. You can segment things further within an organisation using tech debt groups (see Tech debt groups).

Can I be part of multiple organisations?

It's on our roadmap but is not something that's currently possible.

If it's important to you please let us know by submitting a feature request here and we'll update our view of priorities.

What should I do after creating my organisation?

Invite your collaborators

Adding & managing members

Import debt you've already tracked

Importing existing debt

Set up the workflow integrations

Editor integrations

Pull request integrations

Jira integration

Slack integration

Did we miss something? Do you have any questions? Reach us at hello@stepsize.com.