The Problem ❗️

The burning question for every protocol is how to grow users and liquidity. Teams must balance the cost in token incentives needed to attract a user and that user's TVL or volume contributed over a period of time.

Today, teams build their own token incentive mechanisms as an afterthought, typically overpaying for users in the near term and not leaving enough incentives in the long term. Protocols have an imminent need to distinguish who does what and reward their most valuable users.

The Solution — Passport Protocol 🔮

Passport Protocol is an open analytics framework that enables protocols to create new incentive models with custom data primitives, each tracking a specific on-chain action. These primitives are fully composable and can be reused to build new forms of on-chain reputation. Teams use data primitives to give them visibility into their user base and conversely allow users to build any dimension of reputation as it relates to their project.

Implementation is free, self-serve, and takes <5 min. Documentation

Passport Labs is the team behind Passport Protocol. We're building the first set of data primitives on the protocol.

Fully composable scores can be built on the Passport Analytics Protocol

Fully composable scores can be built on the Passport Analytics Protocol


One of the first composable scores built on Passport is LoyaltyScore, a measurement of a user's marginal propensity to sell a token.

Projects lack any level of wallet-level visibility into their early users to help them iterate on their airdrops and ongoing liquidity incentives. LoyaltyScore overlays a multiplier for protocols to tailor incentives depending on how loyal they expect each user to be.

Fully Composable 📦

Data Primitives

Helping projects think methodically around their airdrops and liquidity incentives with LoyaltyScore is just the beginning. We're building out a network of partnerships with projects to build and adopt a variety of data primitives that drive protocol governance, gaming mechanisms, community, lending and more. We've included a deeper dive into the different use cases in our Appendix.

Implementation 🛠 - Our Docs

[Bonus] Creating a custom score

Passport Labs works together with projects to come up with custom criteria based on specific users or actions they want to incentivize. For example, measuring amount staked and duration staked for a given token.

Protocol Case Studies 🙌