Compare plans and features

Picksell offers three Picksell Platform plans (Light, Base, Premium) to fit the needs of any business.

All Picksell plans differ by available features and prices. You can upgrade or cancel your subscription any time you like.

All plans allow to upload unlimited amount of products, accept payments, take advantages from QR-codes, enable web and app formats for your store. Each Picksell Platform plan also enables you to integrate Picksell Pay into your website or app.

Use the table below to compare plans and features.

<aside> 💡 Please note that Picksell plans subscription fees don't cover delivery costs. You are separately charged monthly for delivery services provided (learn more about billing cycle).


Changing a plan inside Picksell Platform

<aside> 💡 You will be charged for a full month of active plan even in case you change it before the month is finished.


To change a plan of your account please go to Settings —> Pricing plan.

In this section you can see already connected plan and able to change it.

Select a plan you would like to switch to or compare with your active one.

Compare before switching to a new plan. And push Activate now if you ready and sure. Your plan is changed successfully!

Changing a service to Picksell Pay

To change Picksell Platform service to Picksell Pay is same easy as changing plans inside Picksell Platform.

All the settings of your Picksell Platform account and all the data provided will be saved for your possible use in the future, but Picksell Platform features will not be available.

<aside> 💡 You will be charged for a full month of subscription to Picksell Platform plan even in case you change service to Picksell Pay before the month of subscription is finished.