01: Grading demo (Launched!) ✅

The alpha version of the rubric launched in March 2020. The FungyProof demo is a baseline check for technical qualities of an NFT. This first version of the grading rubric includes image storage, metadata formatting and basic estimates of energy consumption for deploying a contrac


02: FungyProof V1: Grading, Cases (enrichments), and The Registry (Launched!) ✅

V1 expands the app with three parts:

Grading Updates

Grading rubric updates include over 30 data points covering contract security, metadata, asset hosting, and energy consumption.


Cases (Gen 1)

Cases allow owners to not only discover the technical qualities of their token but to make improvements by enriching their NFT with another NFT (ie. The Case). The first FungyProof Cases have additional functionality to backup the original NFTs image and metadata on IPFS and immutably ties those backups to the original NFT. Check out the FAQ for more.



NFTs added to the registry – via purchase of a Case – gain higher visibility and an immutable / append-able index of all enrichments and actions applied to the token.

NFT Profile View

Unique token profile view to see grade, issues, upgrades, cases, and more.


View all NFTs and Enrichments in your wallet.

Live Public Ceramic Node