How does auto pay work?

Auto pay will draw payments from your funding account each time the payment is due. This way you never have to worry about logging in manually to initiate a payment again.

What is my billing cycle?

Once you are approved, your billing cycle will be daily. Over time, you can upgrade the billing cycle to 7, 14 or 30 day cycles.

Why do you need my bank account information?

We use your bank account information to help decide what credit line you will receive. Your bank account gives us a full picture of your business in real-time without requiring credit checks.

How do I change the billing cycle?

If you need extended payment terms, the best thing you can do is connect more platforms so we can get to know your whole business. Once you've built up payment history with us you can apply for additional growth capital.

Can I carry a balance?

If your payment terms are daily then your balance would equal 1 - 3 days of ad spend before your payment is processed. You can apply for extended payment terms or growth capital once you've built up a few months of payment history.

What's the difference between underwriting and funding source?

The underwriting source is your bank account that helps us determine your line size. This account should have regular debits and credits and is generally used as your "main" checking account for business. The funding source is the bank account of which your payments will draw from.

How do I pay my bill?

Your payment is set up on auto pay and will be drawn out of your "Funding Source" bank account when the payment is due.